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Hi Beautiful amazing people,

I want to use this opportunity to thank you all for being absolutely amazing; i mean, being patient with me and reading all my amazing stories, you encouraging comments and words. You all are super amazing. Thank you.

Oh, about that up there, yes, we are going private for very good reason, it’s a step up for us and for you to. Yes, it requires a little sacrifice but it’s worth it.

Itchyfingers has been giving you amazing stories and we would only love to do so, with encouragement from you all.

We have finally decided to create membership levels to give all of us great value of our stories,,yes, different levels with different features. I know i know but come on- its a little token to continue enjoying all your amazing stories from this brooding mind of a writer . So..

Here is the link below if you are interested to keep being a part of this world of crazy-ass amazing stories which you love …Please, fill free to jump at any level you prefer.

Hit this link and away you go wheeled away to storyland..

Know we love you.


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