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All I Want For Christmas

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Cynthia morgan was just a young girl but she was inlove with Jayden micheal…

The beautiful handsome boy in school that made every girl swoon. But the only one who never liked her or even knew her name… the only boy she wanted so dearly to like her even a little.

An incident in her young age scared her more than she would have imagined. . Even gave her a nickname that stucked and made her a laughing stock in the entire school…” Ugly duckling, the dumb drooler”…was her constant chant everyday she woke up and passed them reliving that day when she all but swooned..
she knew she coudnt live with the taunts. So one day she upped and left. Leaving behind everyone.The life that she knew, even him..jayden.The only boy she had loved in her early young age.

that was over 9 years ago..and she was back in town.
Running into jayden her crush in a local store and he still looked breathtaking as ever but so did she.
But her friend Chris seemed to care a lot 2

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Death Wears Heels

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This is a short story of four chapters.
Set around two people.. The pedephile and the girl who came back.
Sometimes forgiveness isn’t just to forgive and forget, sometimes justice should be served cold..
Death wears heels is a story of a young girl shattered and damaged, coming back to do harm to the one who made her that way on St . Valentine’s day .
Love is red..but blood is redder and the sounds of her heels is a call of death.

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Featherlight Heart

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“Featherlight Heart”

Emeka’s father had always been the man he was, a serial womaniser amongst other things, an occasional beater when his mother did wrong and a strict man.
It became worse when his father began to roll in bucks. He didnt care about his wife nor his son anymore. .and by the time he was in his third year in school…his father had kicked him and his mother out and carried other women to enjoy the wealth his mother had suffered with him for.

Emeka and his mother survived the streets for years, eating from hand to mouth and sleeping under the bridge. He drops out of school.

Amongst other pains was the fact that the girl he loved broke up with him because she felt he won’t amount to nothing .

Years later,Emeka is 32 now, running his own company when a man is ushered into his office for a partnership. It was his father..and his father had no idea who the young man was. He was determined to punish him for all he had done..especially for the pain his mother went through.

As though his luck didn’t stop shinning. He ran into Diana, his ex and she couldn’t believe her eyes..and she decides to come chasing him back.

He was determined to make his father pay. .and make Diana feel the pain he felt when she broke his heart.

Will he be able to give tit for tat…or be swayed by his mother’s love for her husband and his featherlight heart for the girl he once loved

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Love Is- A Red/White Valentine

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“A White /Red Valentine Story ”
A Valentine Story. ..

Love is love and a jars of broken hearts..
Love is butterflies, a dance in the wild and a twirling under the midnight skies and a kiss under the moonlight or under the lamp on sixth streets.
Love is mother saying I love you, father giving you piggy rides and brother protecting from harm and family keeps you from falling.
Love is.. his sea blue eyes never leaving your face, his hands caressing your cheeks and his actions saying I love you and his ever afters sure after he goes on his knees.
Love is.. that dark brooding stranger who follows you in the dark, smells your hair while you sleep and urge to drink from your neck when you least expect with a death wise in his heart.

Love is ..a love /hate thing. . Depends who is thinking it.
#LoveIsSeries. .
Love Is..
Here Is a Valentine Story. it about love and mushyness. .or blood and death. .after all its all about Red. Who knows? That’s a question you need to answer by reading🤔

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My Girl

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Sean O’Connor was drunk that night for the graduation party so drunk that he didn’t remember half of what happened when he went out with his best friend Zachary Spiff.
A month later a girl showed up saying she was pregnant with his kid.
He denied.. because he didn’t remember. He drove off and left her chasing after him. He forgot all about her.
Tonia had picked her friend up, and together they had faced her family and the consequences which was dire.
Four years later, Megan Philips ,a single mum had managed to build up her life since that day till now, her daughter is four years old and just when she had forgotten that incidence… the man who denied her pregnancy comes back into town…and she was determined to keep Kiki away from him..and him away from her.

But there was a problem. .Sean O’Connor seemed to like the little girl’s mother Megan..and was determined to win her over and find out the reason he is so connected and drawn to her child Kikina.
A serious of events and mishaps brings them together, and as much as Megan hated Sean, she couldn’t understand the sudden friendship her daughter kiki was developing for Sean, but Megan had sworn to never reveal Kiki’s identity to her real father..
But most importantly, she didn’t understand herself too.

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The Brat and The She-Devil

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Adora chime.. beautiful . Intelligent..bright. A no-nonsense person . The best at what she does. Arrogant to a fault. Has no respect for pompous and over bearing men. Don’t believe that women should be trampled upon. They can be better than men and be confident. Independent and sexy.

She was the new social media manager being employed into the A.A construction company to help rebrand it.

Brian A.Andrews ..The son of a wealthy politician who is spoilt and had lived entirely on his silver spoon leisure. Bright. Intelligent , creative. The best at what he does. Pompous and arrogant to a fault. Rather lavish on his father’s wealth, sink constantly in the embrace of different women, treat people the way he wants. Disregard for a woman’s feeling.

His father needed his son to one day own all that he has..but in order for him to give him such responsibility. .He needed to make sure brain must first learn service before he becomes a leader. For that reason he threatens to cut all his access to his wealth. .money and luxury and for him to come back to Nigeria and work like a man. Not own the company but as a PA to the new social media manager.

Brian doesn’t intend to go down trying. And he planned to ruin his father’s plan so he gives up and allow him do what he loves doing..nothing but enjoy wealth.

Adora and Brian are opposites. Have hate for each other..always at loggerheads and power struggle.
But.. is there something more to their constant banter? When Brian takes the place of the Brat and Adora..the She-devil . why don’t we find out..shall we?

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The Call Girl

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Alexandra, an orphan raised in a foster home home never knew her parents. She runs away from home when she turned fifteen after she was done with her foster father raping her.

Left to the life of the streets, she takes a job as a bar girl, and when times got harder she becomes a strip dancer at a night club during the night.

When her colleague missed a shift, she is slated to accompany a client as his Call Girl for an event on her behalf.

The person who pulls up in a limousine isn’t what she expects.

But that is the night that changes her entire life forever.

How does a girl who is used to men maltreating her, using her and used to the life of a street girl be able to understand the reason why one man is so different and yet the same, so dark and yet makes her heart flutter enough to make her lose her senses and forget the pain of her past.

Jaime lockswire is as handsome as he is dark, rich as he is mysterious, and when he sets his eyes on Alexandra, he is determined to shake her world and bring her to her knees, because he is a creature of habit and women to him were mere projects to conquer.

But Alexandra was no ordinary woman; she was broken and damaged but she was strong and he learnt the hard way.

Let me take you through the journey of how a man, who is set in his ways has his world crumbling down all because of one woman, and that woman who is determined to unhinged every fibre of his being to suit the man she believes he can become.

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Wordporn -Series: This Madness Called Love

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Bruno , carefree and smooth with the ladies. As witty as he is handsome. A passionate lover and shrewd player. And yet all that he knew and was, flew out the window when he met Amara, an orange seller as he crossed under the bridge to get to work. He was a bad boy by all definition. .but to Amara he wanted her differently than he did his numerous faceless ladies… and without thinking he voiced out the unthinkable. .
“Pay for her University Education” . Was his heart speaking or the tail between his legs or Both??
Amara; Naive as she is beautiful. Innocent as she is tempting. As she plagues one’s dream to madness..her presence draws betrayal,love and whatnot.
The journey of wants and desires of a man for a girl he yearns for, but yet the need to shield and protect her from his past. But can he tame the lion within or listen to his friend junior..”Get in, Getu done and Get Gone”? Find out in this captivating read of Love , Madness and Desires and most Especially. .be wary!!

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