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Death Wears Heels

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This is a short story of four chapters.
Set around two people.. The pedephile and the girl who came back.
Sometimes forgiveness isn’t just to forgive and forget, sometimes justice should be served cold..
Death wears heels is a story of a young girl shattered and damaged, coming back to do harm to the one who made her that way on St . Valentine’s day .
Love is red..but blood is redder and the sounds of her heels is a call of death.

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Love Is- A Red/White Valentine

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“A White /Red Valentine Story ”
A Valentine Story. ..

Love is love and a jars of broken hearts..
Love is butterflies, a dance in the wild and a twirling under the midnight skies and a kiss under the moonlight or under the lamp on sixth streets.
Love is mother saying I love you, father giving you piggy rides and brother protecting from harm and family keeps you from falling.
Love is.. his sea blue eyes never leaving your face, his hands caressing your cheeks and his actions saying I love you and his ever afters sure after he goes on his knees.
Love is.. that dark brooding stranger who follows you in the dark, smells your hair while you sleep and urge to drink from your neck when you least expect with a death wise in his heart.

Love is ..a love /hate thing. . Depends who is thinking it.
#LoveIsSeries. .
Love Is..
Here Is a Valentine Story. it about love and mushyness. .or blood and death. .after all its all about Red. Who knows? That’s a question you need to answer by readingšŸ¤”

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