All I Want For Christmas


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Cynthia morgan was just a young girl but she was inlove with Jayden micheal…

The beautiful handsome boy in school that made every girl swoon. But the only one who never liked her or even knew her name… the only boy she wanted so dearly to like her even a little.

An incident in her young age scared her more than she would have imagined. . Even gave her a nickname that stucked and made her a laughing stock in the entire school…” Ugly duckling, the dumb drooler”…was her constant chant everyday she woke up and passed them reliving that day when she all but swooned..
she knew she coudnt live with the taunts. So one day she upped and left. Leaving behind everyone.The life that she knew, even him..jayden.The only boy she had loved in her early young age.

that was over 9 years ago..and she was back in town.
Running into jayden her crush in a local store and he still looked breathtaking as ever but so did she.
But her friend Chris seemed to care a lot 2



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