Featherlight Heart


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“Featherlight Heart”

Emeka’s father had always been the man he was, a serial womaniser amongst other things, an occasional beater when his mother did wrong and a strict man.
It became worse when his father began to roll in bucks. He didnt care about his wife nor his son anymore. .and by the time he was in his third year in school…his father had kicked him and his mother out and carried other women to enjoy the wealth his mother had suffered with him for.

Emeka and his mother survived the streets for years, eating from hand to mouth and sleeping under the bridge. He drops out of school.

Amongst other pains was the fact that the girl he loved broke up with him because she felt he won’t amount to nothing .

Years later,Emeka is 32 now, running his own company when a man is ushered into his office for a partnership. It was his father..and his father had no idea who the young man was. He was determined to punish him for all he had done..especially for the pain his mother went through.

As though his luck didn’t stop shinning. He ran into Diana, his ex and she couldn’t believe her eyes..and she decides to come chasing him back.

He was determined to make his father pay. .and make Diana feel the pain he felt when she broke his heart.

Will he be able to give tit for tat…or be swayed by his mother’s love for her husband and his featherlight heart for the girl he once loved



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