The Brat and The She-Devil


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Adora chime.. beautiful . Intelligent..bright. A no-nonsense person . The best at what she does. Arrogant to a fault. Has no respect for pompous and over bearing men. Don’t believe that women should be trampled upon. They can be better than men and be confident. Independent and sexy.

She was the new social media manager being employed into the A.A construction company to help rebrand it.

Brian A.Andrews ..The son of a wealthy politician who is spoilt and had lived entirely on his silver spoon leisure. Bright. Intelligent , creative. The best at what he does. Pompous and arrogant to a fault. Rather lavish on his father’s wealth, sink constantly in the embrace of different women, treat people the way he wants. Disregard for a woman’s feeling.

His father needed his son to one day own all that he has..but in order for him to give him such responsibility. .He needed to make sure brain must first learn service before he becomes a leader. For that reason he threatens to cut all his access to his wealth. .money and luxury and for him to come back to Nigeria and work like a man. Not own the company but as a PA to the new social media manager.

Brian doesn’t intend to go down trying. And he planned to ruin his father’s plan so he gives up and allow him do what he loves doing..nothing but enjoy wealth.

Adora and Brian are opposites. Have hate for each other..always at loggerheads and power struggle.
But.. is there something more to their constant banter? When Brian takes the place of the Brat and Adora..the She-devil . why don’t we find out..shall we?



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