Hello Lovelies, having trouble registering?

Please kindly see below registration instructions.


1-Go to

2-Click on ..’’ MEMBERSHIP REG’’ at the top menu

NOTE- You would be re-directed to the membership page.

3- Membership page shows you the various ‘’MEMBERSHIP LEVELS ‘’and MEMBERSHIP PRICES & FEATURES’’-  NB: READ FEATURES WELL!

Level Price  
*Bronze Membership ₦500.00 now and then ₦1,000.00 per Month.
Membership expires after 31 Days.
*Sliver Membership   ₦500.00 now and then ₦1,500.00 per Month.
Membership expires after 31 Days.
*Gold Membership -Advanced ₦500.00 now and then ₦2,000.00 per Month.
Membership expires after 31 Days.

4. Pick you preferred Level . Once you do that, you would be directed to ‘’MEMBERSHIP LEVELS CHECKOUT.’’

6. Scroll down to FILL THE FORM.

7. Click ‘’CHECK OUT WITH PAYSTACK’’ at the end of the form.

8. You would be directed to a ‘’PAYSTACK PLATFORM’’ with options to Use ‘’Card’’, ‘’Bank’’ ‘’GTB code’’ or ‘’Visa’’.. PS: Use the card option if your bank is not listed.

9: Once you make payments, it would show ‘’PAYMENT/TRANSACTION SUCCESSFUL’’.  You would be debited. Great!!!!

10. Your account information would be shown and others. You can now access the blog by clicking on any menu to read CONTENTS as your SELECTED LEVEL requires.

11. To sign in to your account click ‘’USERS LOGIN’’. You Good!!



You can always make payments via the same first steps by the left.  OR

  Use the PAYPAL method?

  1-Go to


-READ details of each Membership levels (Silver: Bronze: Gold) carefully and don’t miss the NOTE

3.: Choose your preferred Membership Level, then click the button below for the Level you selected (for Renew Membership – state either YES/NO)

4. You would be directed to the PAYMENT PAGE (If you have a paypal account- Click pay ‘’PAYPAL CHECKOUT’’, if you don’t, Click ‘’CREATE AND SUBSCRIBE’’. Pick either one and then go ahead to pay.

5. NOTE: The detailed Information on the paypal registration page of each level for you to SEND YOUR TRANSACTION and PREFERRED CREATION DETAILS INFORMATION to for your access  to the blog to read contents to be created and sent back to you.


Whatsapp: 0810547774

NOTE: All Membership Levels Features is stated clearly, ensure to read well before choosing. Thank you!!



Don’t have the patience? Let me help you then.

Step 1: Send money directly to us and we sign you up with your preferred Membership Level.

Payments Details

Diamond Bank: 0052183503 Stephanie Egberike

Guaranty Trust Bank: 0038360308 Stephanie Egberike

GTB USD: 0262493683 Stephanie Egberike

Note: After payment (Either through paypal/bank transfer)  ensure to send these below  details to us..(See email &Number in the left page below)

1-Your preferred Membership level, name on the transfer so we can tell who paid and for what.                                     2-Preferred Username, Preferred Password and your email address.

Note: We would sign you up to the blog using your preferred names with the details you sent to us via text/email.  Then we would send you your logging details. You will have to confirm by logging in. 


PLEASE : Ensure to go to the Membership levels page first, ensure to see features of levels first, ensure to read it and understand first , then pick rightly before making payments first.

You notice the ”FIRST” Like a gazillion times abi? Lol okay..

Do that, decide if you want to go with Bronze, Silver or Gold membership Level, then come back and pick your desired method of paying..

Either its through the normal payment gateway in I, or its through paypal in 2 or its through bank transfers in 3.

Two and 3. requires that you send your transaction details and preferred entry/access details to the above email and phone number.

Thank You!!

You can also buzz me up if you have issues..

Love you guys…

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